Modafinil user experience


1) A friend of mine:

I have taken Modafinil for 2 months but only in situations when there is a need for that. It results in 2-3 times a week at the average.

Modafinil user experienceI really like the drug as it really allows you to concentrate on your deals. By the way I have noticed that the drug is not very effective for improvement of solely physical or mental work. Rather, the biggest effect is shown at the improvement of both physical and mental performance simultaneously!

Basically I take the drug only in those cases when I don’t sleep for the whole day, on the weekend for example, especially on Sunday night (I take minimum amount of alcohol to prevent a hangover in the morning). Then I go for a work on Monday (this is a huge lifesaver) and on the next night I have enough sleep.

Interestingly, but the drug is also able to increase a learnability of a trainability. When I had visited the centre for driving license I used to take Modafinil 200 mg in the morning, followed by 100 mg 2 hours before studies. Sitting behind the wheel, you clearly understand what the instructor is saying. After taking Modafinil my speed of the reaction is similar to that of the fighter pilot.

When I had taken Modafinil (200 mg) for the first time, I was waiting when it would begin working (I didn’t sleep for a whole day before taking).

In 2 hours after its intake the drug removed the drowsiness and increased the efficiency of the speech function. There was a great will to speak, to reason. Besides I didn’t feel euphoria, hit in the head as with alcohol.

Nevertheless there are still side-effects: in the doses of 300-400 mg you will have dry mouth, and rarely headache. Yet there was almost no hunger. You eat just because you have to, and not when the body requires. In the period of 2 months I have lost 4 kg, and now my weight is 72 kg.

Resume: I’m very satisfied and I can advise the drug to all who needs it. But first of all you have to try what is a chronic lack of sleep and drowsiness.

Modafinil user review2) Artvigil (Armodafinil by Hab Pharma)

I like how it is the real deal BUT I don’t like how the pills aren’t coated. This makes it stick to my tongue when trying to swallow it and when it does that I sometimes can’t  swallow it and then it semi-melts on my tongue and this stuff tastes just horrible like Penicillin!! BUT: it works like nothing I have ever tried and I finally have something to handle my chronic fatigue which I have suffered from for 27 years!!! When I first started taking it it was like an absolute MIRACLE pill but since I have moved and hadn’t been taking it every single day like I was before I am not finding it working as well, BUT I do hope it is simply because I wasn’t taking it every day at the new address and not that I have grown too used to it where it is no longer helping because I sincerely need a generic Ritalin like this for my condition especially since I can’t seem to get any doctor here to listen to me to get a prescription although I will keep trying to find a doctor because I DO have full coverage health insurance and really can’t afford to plop down $44 a month on meds – I realize this is cheap but like I said I can’t really afford it considering I do have a 100% paid for drug plan here in the States.

3) I\’m so happy with the results! Such a great website. Well done to you all. It totally worked and better than any of site. Modafinil is used as a memory enhancer and to stay awake and that totally did it for me omg love love loved it. I would buy it again once I finish the ones I\’m using and totally think you should too because its fabulous, well done to one dollar thing fo r providing such great customer services ahahhaha Cognitive advancements on point guys! Better than any of site etc I really hoped it worked and now so happy my dreams have came true. I can now so anything including revising and taking care of 8 children and a better housewife to my empty house lol. I do use 600mg a day though so that\’s probably why it works so well but oh well, I bought 300 and I used them all within a few working days loooool lool lool lolol . this is getting so damn long I should probably get ready for school right? But yea well done to you all for providing drugs that work and so legitimate. Totally a huge fan of your work man

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