NSI-189 review and experience. How to order online.

Introducing Neuralstem, Inc.

Neuralstem, Inc. is the American pharmaceutical firm known for pioneering researching on NSI-189. According to Neuralstem’s portfolio, the firm has been conducting research into new drugs based on stem cells drawn from the human hippocampus.

Neuralstem was awarded a patent in 2009 for its four innovative chemical compounds, which have all been shown to stimulate neuronal generation. The first of these compounds, NSI-189, was the initial entrant into significant clinical testing. Neuralstem was the first company to receive FDA approval to conduct trials using stem cells from the human brain. Such trials are aimed at developing medications for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Neuralstem is strategically focused on stem cell treatments and proclaims its rare ability to produce stem cells from the human spine and brain in amounts suitable to supply the medical market. The company’s website is Neuralstem.com. Its founding dates back to 1996.

Neuralstem Inc.’s HQ is located at the following premises:

20271 Golden Lane, Floor 2,



MD 20876

Neuralstem may be contacted telephonically at 301-366-4960.


NSI-189 reviewDevelopment Path of NSI-189

NSI-189 remains in development and is unlikely to be released to market in the near future. Further investigation is required to establish its efficacy and safety in humans. NSI-189’s effectiveness as an anti-depressant has been show although whether the drug has nootropic properties remains to be seen.

Neuralstem Inc. have stated that they will release the substance sometime in the future in tablet form. They say that NSI-189 is their foremost example of a small molecule, neurogenic drug platform. They plan further development of such pharmaceuticals in order to address neurological diseases and conditions, including dementia from early stages of Alzheimer’s, MDD (major depressive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and brain damage.

From such statements, it is apparent that Neuralstem believe their drug will have very wide application beyond treatment of depression. Neuralstem went on to specifically state that they believe NSI-189 will have relevance in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, brain damage, PTSD as well as various conditions resulting in neurological deterioration. Neuralstem have claimed that pre-result indications suggest the drug works by negating atrophy of the hippocampus. This here-to-fore unseen medicinal property may be beneficial to sufferers of a wide range of neurological disorders.

Purchasing NSI-189

NSI-189 is not yet legally available for sale. However, reports do circulate online from those who purport to have acquired the substance from pharmacies or suppliers. One example of such a report is found on Reddit, under the subreddit, “r/nooptropics.” A user there reports buying and trying NSI-189. The question is how this was managed…

The fact is that anybody who bought and sampled NSI-189 has broken the law. However, several sellers of nootropics were known to carry NSI-189. It was available from International Peptide previously and also from THT, prior to their closure.

NSI-189 experienceIf you find NSI-189 for sale, be aware that it is being offered illegally. Any seller who carries the product is likely to receive a legal notice from Neuralstem’s lawyers. The company has a patent on the formula and no generic versions are allowed by law. This means that even if you were to synthesize the compound in your own laboratory, it would not be permissible for you to offer it for sale as NSI-189.
That said, there are reputed to be sellers of the substance to be found on r/nooptropics who will respond to purchase requests sent via private message. No guarantee can be offered on the quality of their product. In fact, if you receive anything it may not even be NSI-189 at all. Buyer beware.

Is NSI-189 Suitable for You?

As the sale of NSI-189 remains illegal for all distributors, the substance can’t officially be recommended to anyone. Hopefully Neuralstem will soon launch this promising medical product.

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