Modalert in Greece

How to be prepared for a trip to Greece or Cyprus

If you have chronic diseases or you often use the same type of drugs (from a headache, stomach, etc.), you will need to find original instructions and write out the International  brand  name of medicine and the international name (in Latin words).

A drugstore in Greek language is called Φαρμακείο, φαρμακευτική, φαρμακείον — generally pharma-at the beginning of the word and any international images symbolizing medical care — a snake with a bowl, a red or green cross.

The most important for me was to not miss Modalert in Greece. Thankfully it is called in Latin words, you will see it in the list below.

Every time you visit a Greek pharmacy and talk to greec pharmacist, I advise you to simply show a proper drug name  in the list of drugs. You will understand each other quicker that way.

If medicine has no translation in Greek language, it means you need to show the Latin name of a medicine.

Modalert in Greece

Smart drugs:

As I told before Modalert in Greece has a Latin transcription and called Modiodal

Headache medicine

Аσπιρίνη — Aspirin (Acetilsalicylic acid, Acidum acetylsalicylicum);

Baralgin (Baralgin);

Spazmalgon (Spasmalgon).

Drugs for pressure (hypertension)

λοσαρτάνη – Lozap (Lozartan, Losartan);

Konkor (Bisoprolol, Bisoprolol);

Καπτοπρίλη — Kapoten (Captopril, Captopril);

Heart drugs

Νιτρογλυκερίνη — Nitroglycerine (Nitroglycerin);

Allergy medicine

Tavegil (Klemastin, Clemastine);

λοραταδίνη-Klaritin (Loratadin, Loratadine);

γλυκονικό ασβέστιο — Calcium a gluconate (Calcium gluconate);

Medicines for diarrhea

Enterosgel (Polimethylsiloxane polihydrate, Enterosgel);

Bifidobacterium καιρό — Bifiform (Bifidobacterium longum);

Ο ενεργός άνθρακας — Absorbent carbon (Activated charcoal).

Cough remedies

Σιρόπι για τον βήχα — cough Syrup;

Παστίλιες λαιμού — Pastils for cough;

Βήχας παστίλια — cough Pills;

Cold medicines

μύτη σταγόνες — drops in a nose.

Аντιπυετικά — Febrifugal preparations;

Аσπιρίνη — Aspirin (Acetilsalicylic acid, Acidum acetylsalicylicum).

Wounds, burns and callosities

Γύψος βακτηριοκτόνο — the Plaster bactericidal;

επίδεσμος — bandage;

ιώδιο — Iodine;

Πανθενόλη — Pantenol.

Sprain medicines

ελαστικός επίδεσμος — Elastic bandage

Finalgon = Nonivamid + Nikoboksil (Nonivamide + Nicoboxil);

Αλοιφή από ένα διάστρεμμα (αύξηση της θερμοκρασίας) — the sprain Ointment (warming);

Αλοιφή από ένα διάστρεμμα (ψύξη) — the sprain Ointment (cooling);

Αλοιφή από πόνους στην πλάτη (αναλγητικό) – pains Ointment in a back.

Drugs for diabetes

ινσουλίνη — insulin.


προφυλακτικά — Condoms;

Τεστ Εγκυμοσύνης — pregnancy test.

Means of hygiene

πετσέτες — Female laying;

ταμπόν Γυναικών — Female tampons;

ιατρική βάτες — Medical cotton wool.

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