Modalert by SunPharma

I suffer with shift work sleep disorder, so have taken Armodafinil as recommended, nightly for six months. To reduce the buildup of tolerance, I have a few days off occassionally where I take none. This armodafinil cycle has worked well for me, with no noticed side effects. Recently, I’ve discoverd that armodafinil works very well with Semax and if in limitless supply, Armodafinil, Semax and Tianeptine would be my long-term daily choice of drugs.

When considering Modafinil, it must be stressed that it doesn’t instantly refreshen or awake you, but instead causes you to forget your tiredness. I feel as though I’ve slept beautifully when I take it and can focus on work as if I’d had sufficient sleep. However, in spare moments, the mind can wander and I am reminded of how tired I am. This is quickly remedied when I occupy myself once more, an interesting effect.


Modalert by SunPharmaFor two years now Ive been taking a 200mg daily prescription but I frequently don’t take any on the weekends. Usually, I take it at the same time every weekday, but on a Saturday I often take it much later, so I can stay awake until my band finishes playing (usually 11pm-1am); I usually skip Sundays as well.

I haven’t noticed any negative effects from this drug, or any interference with my recreational activities. The little effect it did have on my ADD seemed to diminish about 1-2 days after I started taking it, for which I would usually take Strattera anyway.

I had been on Fluoxetine and Modafinil for a while, but stopped taking Fluoxetine two months ago, and haven’t had any increase in depression or anxiety. In fact, it has alleviated some of my depression and restored my “panic response” which is important for good job performance.

I drink a lot of caffeine every day in the form of coffee and energy drink. Sometimes, I find myself more susceptible to overdoing it on caffeine, and three or four energy drinks can have a powerful effect.

Based on my experience, having been medicated with a range of drugs over the last twenty years, I would describe Modafinil as stable and safe, putting it with the best prescriptions Ive tried. It works well overall, helping my dexterity for guitar and saxophone playing and there are no noticeable negative side effects.

Sometimes, I prefer Adderall, but the fact that I can get refills on Modafinil at the pharmacy without having to wait for a prescription to be faxed from the doctor makes it much more appealing.

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