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The desire to experiment with nootropics was always there since I heard about them but what stopped me were the different user accounts. I tried to relate to what people were saying about nootropics by contrasting their experiences with my own of knowledge of pharmacological effects. For example, I use piracetam but then again that’s only induced very subtle differences. However, now and then I realize I’m more eloquent and sharp from about half an hour after taking it. Occasionally the change is dramatic and noticeable, like if I’ve been in a relatively low-functioning state previous to ingestion.

So now I get some of what people reported about piracetam. Some might say the effects are all in the mind but as long as you’re feeling better, who cares? I’m maintained myself on piracetam for about 36 months piracetam and I’d rate it as the top nootropics of those I’ve tried. It induces subtle effects which are often only noticeable by their absence. If I’m not taking, like sometimes I skip it during the summer, then the difference is really obvious to me. I don’t transform into a drooling idiot or anything but it’s like I’m a little more dull and my mind lacks its usual verbal fluency and inventiveness. I also find that I experience a higher frequency of days where I’m just off my A game.
Of course it’s not a magic bullet, you have to work with it and fine-tune your dosage to get the best results. This is a learning curve admittedly but it’s worth the effort for the improvement once you get it dialed in. In my opinion it’s worth making the effort, but your mileage may vary. If you’d rather try something else, phenylpiracetam is a good invigorant plus it costs a lot less than modafinil. The difference compared to piracetam is that you don’t get that crystal clear state of mind. Then again, that’s how my system reacts to it. It might be just what the doctor ordered in your case so go right ahead and try it out!
ModafinilConcur on the great benefits of piracatem. For me the breakthrough peaks of high function are frequent so I intend to take it more regularly. I found a dose of 800mg too low so I upped it to 2.4g like you suggest when you say to find what works for you.

The first time I had some anxiety about taking that dose but I found that’s what it took for the best results to become predictable and replicable.

Even at lower doses I usually had at least noticeably positive effects even if they were pretty low-key.

I’m also looking at phenyl and sunifram but from what I’ve heard that’s really potent stuff and requires a little caution.
For me there’s modafinal and then there’s everything else. My situation is I’m sometimes forgetful when it comes to executing habitual behavioral sequences, for instance making sure I have my wallet when I go out or locking the house. Sometimes my girlfriend has to remind me about stuff, like if I said I’d bring something to her place, otherwise I forget. I wanted to improve on this aspect of my life so I began with Bacopa. Ever since I it became rare for me to mess up and it’s been months since I last slipped. I also have to mention that learning and taking tests feels easier now but granted, it was a few months of taking Bacopa before I got to this level.

Modafinil differs from Bacopa in some key ways. Instead of making you more alert and conscious of what you’re doing, it gives you more energy to do things. Still I think it’s best to take a comprehensive regimen so you get the complete package of improved memory, better speaking ability, an anxyliotic boost and the beneficial longevity effects for your neurons. You could say modafinal is like a strong caffeine dose, only without the nerviness, in that it’s a very noticeable energizing effect that’s impossible to miss.
You can pretty much count on at least a couple nootropics making a major positive difference in your life. It takes a little work to find what suits you.

My initial experience with modafinal was great but for me it had certain slightly anhedonic side-effects which eventually turned me off it. It even smothers my natural feelings of being sleepy around bedtime which meant I often didn’t get the rest I needed.

I don’t need my circadian rhythm to be all smoothed out to have a good day, I’ve learnt to operate effectively no matter what my internal rhythm. So when I was taking modafinal it caused almost a clash in how I was feeling and my regular habits. I grew to dislike this inner disharmony and so I stopped taking it.

Still I’d say modafinal has its place as an occasional helper for when you just need to power through something. It’s just not something I’d personally want to take on a regular basis. Taking it daily, at least for me, was a bit like Ritalin in that it could make me obsessive about getting everything just right and while this makes one really productive it tends to cut into much-needed relaxation time.

Modafinil reviewMy sleep cycle sometimes gets out of whack because I work shifts so for about half a year I’ve been compensating for that with armodafinil. It solves my problem without creating any new ones. In combination with Semax, it’s even better. If money was no object, I’d take a Tianeptine, Semax and Armodafinil cocktail daily. That combo would meet my needs completely.

As for modafinal, the advice I have for people is to understand how it works. It doesn’t cancel out your body’s rest requirement but it makes you better at ignoring your tiredness signals. It’s superb for pushing through a demanding shift in the wee hours but I don’t feel like it’d be wise to pile on with it. I don’t know how moda helps the body overcome tiredness but I’m curious to find out.

One nootropic that didn’t seem to make much difference for me was adrafinil, at least until someone pointed out that I’d been going strong at work for nearly eleven hours. This was a real surprise when I thought about it because I felt no kind of high, I was just in the zone of getting things done. It’s better than coffee because it doesn’t give me that shaky feeling.

It’s like it blocks tiredness from creeping in without making you over-excited and hyper. I tried taking it all the time but then I guess I built up a tolerance because the effects faded to the extent I could have it and sleep right after. You need to take it as needed and not use it as a crutch or it’ll lose its effectiveness. It’s nothing you’d want to take every day in any case as it doesn’t have any kind of affects you could call recreational. Like I could take it by accident and not even know. One interesting point about it is that it breaks down to modafinil in your body.

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