Modafinil import

Modafinil importImportation of Modafinil

Several nations have no restrictions against importing Modafinil. Always check your local laws or seek legal assistance before ordering as laws differ widely between countries. If you are able to purchase restriction, it’s easy to find an online pharmacies which retails generic Provigil. Such web stores export generics from India to your country of residence. They usually ship to the , USA, UK, Australia, Japan and other countries.

Certain nations are strictly forbid importation of medications with the exception of those you carry through customs on your person. Other countries have more lenient laws and allow Modafinil to be bought online and shipped directly to a residential address. Usually you may only order a quantity suitable for personal use, which constitutes at most three months’ worth of tablets. You may not order Modafinil online from an overseas supplier in order to resell it domestically. Bulk orders for Modafinil won’t be allowed for import. Nations like Canada restrict importation entirely so be aware that any Provigil you order from abroad may be discovered and confiscated by Canadian customs.

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