kratom and l-theanine review and experience

First time Kratom experience. (captured from FB)

I bought 50g of Red Kali from terrabotanicals and took 3g of powder, but after 1-2 hours did not feel much so I took another 1g plus 500mg of l-theanine. This had me feeling good, but lethargic and a bit spaced out. I enjoyed it though.

After about 6 hours I re-dosed with 4g. The effects were much lighter but still significant. I felt relaxed, calm and happy. I then went to bed but my neighbors were loud as hell so I was in a state of awake/asleep.

etherium gold experiencesAfter a few hours of laying in bed and listening to my neighbors rearrange furniture at 3 am I got fed up and made Kratom tea with 1g. I mistakenly boiled water then simmered on low for 15 minutes instead of boiling for 15 minutes straight. The tea hit me pretty hard and I fell asleep ~30 minutes after taking it. I’m definitely making tea from now on, so much better than the nasty powder alone. It actually tastes like good tea too.

Now it’s the next day, about 9-10 hours since my 1g tea. I woke up feeling well rested, but had trouble getting out of bed because I was so comfortable. I could have easily fallen back asleep. I felt a bit hungover after getting up: tired, irritable and a little groggy. I also had annoying constipation and frequent urination yesterday, but that went away after my morning coffee…

Conclusion: Meh. Kratom is not what I thought it would be and the constipation, extreme dehydration (on par with alcohol imo) and grogginess the next day really turns me off. I’ll be keeping the rest for the occasional tea when I can’t sleep but that’s it.

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