Interaction between Modafinil, Adderal, Ritalin and Cannabis

Need to power through the haze that routine marijuana use, or even just regular life
can impart on you? Perhaps you could consider intelligent use of “smart drugs.”
Smart drugs are a range of medications which are often prescribed for the treatment and management of issues relating to memory, tiredness, and slow mental function.
The most common uses are in treating ailments such as Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD, sleep disorders, and cognitive-behavioral disorders.
There is growing trend of unprescribed use of these pharmaceuticals for their positive effects on mental state; resulting in the term ‘Smart Drugs’.

The name “smart drugs” differentiates these substances from other illicit drugs due to the fact that the illegitimate use of them is aimed at increasing mental performance, rather than a more recreational usage.

For example, many individuals working in high-power jobs, such as those in finance, law and medicine are required to have high levels of concentration at all times and many have utilised a smart drug called modafinil.
Using modafinil after a heavy session of cannabis use helps bring back the clarity lost and leaves the user feeling energetic and alert.
Here are several user reviews who mix Modafinil with cannabis:
The underlying focus of the Modafinil is maintained, and the MJ adds creativity. Great combo for writers. And you’ll sleep at night.
It better to reward yourself with weed instead. If you want to hallucinate and get high then smoke marijuana and do shrooms. You won’t notice physical symptoms like these
Try cannabis along with Modafinil and notice if you see a similar perception of colours. After that small dose of magic mushrooms. All for science of course! smile emoticon
Trust me when i say that it’s not just about how much dopamine there is in the system. your body has to be able to respond to it. in my case, heavy past use of various substances has led me to not be able to feel anything from the medications i’m now on, and even cannabis only has noticeable effect in the morning. if anyone knows how to build the density of the dopamine receptors, i’m all ears!
It’s anti-nootropic and inhibits specifically acetylcholine, glutamate and dopamine. Yes you can study while smoking, but that doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t affect you negatively pharmalogically.


Adderal InteractionsNot sure about it, but I think there’s a heart rate boost from the interaction between both. Actually even using only one it may be noticeable. Vaporizing the herb can help for this case. Besides that, people have experienced much stronger trip on modafinil. Stronger but different, I would say.


For modafinil nootropic purpose it may be not good, as well usually the effects are pretty opposite, but you’ll figure it out by your own.

Another popular smart drug is Adderall / Ritalin
Adderall is pharmaceutical, physician-prescribed version of amphetamine.
Its main approved uses are in combating ADHD and excessive tiredness and lethargy.
Use of Adderall as a smart drug, can offer increased mental clarity by removing the fog sometimes experienced through the use of too much cannabis, or the after effects of a marijuana binge.
Adderall can also boost physical energy to give that extra boost when exercising. Modafinil and Adderal / Ritalin are most popular “smart drugs”
Some people also utilize another ADHD drug known as methylphenidate as a smart drug.
This drug is most commonly sold under the trade names Ritalin and Concerta, and its intended uses have many crossovers with Adderall.

Ritalin / Adderall’s Side Effects:

Cold, numb or tingling sensation in extremities
Light rash of the skin
Minor headaches
Visual disturbance
Digestive complaints (stomach pain, lack of appetite, vomiting, nausea, loss of weight)

Cannabis’ Side Effects:

Dryness of the mouth
Delayed reactions
Redness of the eyes
Appetite stimulation
Heightened heart-rate
Raised blood pressure
Quickened breathing
Drowsiness (“couch lock”)

Modafinil InteractionsWhen combined, certain unwanted effects from each drug may negate each other. For example, the drowsy effect from cannabis may cancel the insomnia sometimes produced by amphetamines. Another good example is the cannabis stimulation appetite where amphetamines suppress it. As both substances can cause anxiety, there is a risk of heightened anxiety when taking them in combination. Do not continue their combined usage if unpleasant anxiety results.


Smart drugs, such as Modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta are prescription medications—they may result in some negative side effects.
Some smart drugs can make users suffer from anxiety or increase irritability.
Some users report bad headaches and insomnia.
They can even result in an accelerated heart beat, gastrointestinal irritation and increased sweating.
It is also possible to develop a dependence for smart drugs. Users can build up a tolerance, and this can make it difficult to stop taking the drug.
It is also worth being aware that it is illegal to buy, sell or possess pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription and penalties can be harsh.
However, from personal experience… if you can get your hands on legitimate high-quality Modafinil and Adderall and experiment with type and dosage, you will likely find a smart drug that suits you, and can provide you with more energy, alertness, and mental clarity, no matter how much marijuana you use!

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