Generic Modafinil for the UK residents

Generic ModafinilIn recent years, Provigil has become a somewhat notorious smart drug, sought after by individuals who may or may not have a legitimate medical need for it. After a profile in Rolling Stone magazine about buying Modafinil without a prescription from online pharmacies, there have been a number of questions raised about the legal status of this drug around the world. Is Provigil legal in the UK and what are the requirements for buying it? The United Kingdom regulates medications and assigns them to Schedules based on their potential to cause serious side effects and addiction.  Generic modafinil is not a Scheduled drug for the UK residents, but it is regulated. This means there are no laws controlling its possession within the UK, but there are laws regarding how it can be purchased. You can only obtain Provigil provided you have been issued a prescription from your medical doctor for it.

Residents of the United Kingdom are allowed to purchase their generic modafinil from their local chemist or pharmacy, or, from a pharmacy located outside of the country. If you choose to import your prescription of Provigil, bear in mind you may be required to provide proof of a prescription to customs officials, should they inspect your package and wish to legitimize your having it on your person. Importation should be in small quantities which are considered for personal use only. Normally, this means a 30-90 day supply can be imported at any given time.

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