Etherium gold and monatonic gold experiences

etherium gold and monatonic gold experiences

2 days experience with Etherium gold or monatonic gold.

Day 1: Received package around 7pm.
Took 1/8 tablespoon as suggested on an empty stomach. Within 20 minutes I felt some tingeling within my body. I felt a strange kind of relaxation. Subtle but noticable.
I had to drive a couple of minutes. Driving was good, felt really peaceful and not distracted from the road. Had absolutely no feeling to rush and kept maximum speed all the time.
Around 9pm I started to archive my administration (a lot of papers weren’t filed). Normally I felt a bit upset/angry/irritated, this time I had more of a neutral feeling. Kind of ‘in the moment’ and no stress or irritation.
Felt asleep quickly!

monatonic gold experiencesDay 2: Getting out of bed was a bit hard. But once out of bed I felt awake like I already took some coffee. Normally at this time I’m a bit lazy and leave home a bit late so I’d normally have to rush to be in time at work. This time I felt I had more control of getting my stuff together in my morning routine.
At work, I took 1/8 tablespoon. Felt tingeling again within minutes. No stress, in the moment and helicopter view of all the tasks I’m willing to do. This time no real feeling of wanting to get stuff done.. But peaceful feeling.
Hour after lunch I took a second dosage to see what will happen. Same tingeling in my body. In someway I can easily focus on by breathing (I usually do this as a mindfulness practise).
I experience a little headache, very little. But still feeling very peaceful and aware of my body.

Pro’s so far: More living in the present moment (now), peaceful, not irritated by getting things done while normally being a bit irritated, more aware of my body and breathing. For the more spiritual people out there; I sometimes have the feeling some of the higher chakra’s are being activated or being more active.

Con’s so far: Little headache, no increased focus or other improved brain functions. However, I’ve also read that it can take a couple of days to notice the full effects.

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