NSI-189 review and experience. How to order online.

Introducing Neuralstem, Inc.

Neuralstem, Inc. is the American pharmaceutical firm known for pioneering researching on NSI-189. According to Neuralstem’s portfolio, the firm has been conducting research into new drugs based on stem cells drawn from the human hippocampus.

Neuralstem was awarded a patent in 2009 for its four innovative chemical compounds, which have all been shown to stimulate neuronal generation. The first of these compounds, NSI-189, was the initial entrant into significant clinical testing. Neuralstem was the first company to receive FDA approval to conduct trials using stem cells from the human brain. Such trials are aimed at developing medications for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Neuralstem is strategically focused on stem cell treatments and proclaims its rare ability to produce stem cells from the human spine and brain in amounts suitable to supply the medical market. The company’s website is Neuralstem.com. Its founding dates back to 1996.

Neuralstem Inc.’s HQ is located at the following premises:

20271 Golden Lane, Floor 2,



MD 20876

Neuralstem may be contacted telephonically at 301-366-4960.


NSI-189 reviewDevelopment Path of NSI-189

NSI-189 remains in development and is unlikely to be released to market in the near future. Further investigation is required to establish its efficacy and safety in humans. NSI-189’s effectiveness as an anti-depressant has been show although whether the drug has nootropic properties remains to be seen.

Neuralstem Inc. have stated that they will release the substance sometime in the future in tablet form. They say that NSI-189 is their foremost example of a small molecule, neurogenic drug platform. They plan further development of such pharmaceuticals in order to address neurological diseases and conditions, including dementia from early stages of Alzheimer’s, MDD (major depressive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and brain damage.

From such statements, it is apparent that Neuralstem believe their drug will have very wide application beyond treatment of depression. Neuralstem went on to specifically state that they believe NSI-189 will have relevance in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, brain damage, PTSD as well as various conditions resulting in neurological deterioration. Neuralstem have claimed that pre-result indications suggest the drug works by negating atrophy of the hippocampus. This here-to-fore unseen medicinal property may be beneficial to sufferers of a wide range of neurological disorders.

Purchasing NSI-189

NSI-189 is not yet legally available for sale. However, reports do circulate online from those who purport to have acquired the substance from pharmacies or suppliers. One example of such a report is found on Reddit, under the subreddit, “r/nooptropics.” A user there reports buying and trying NSI-189. The question is how this was managed…

The fact is that anybody who bought and sampled NSI-189 has broken the law. However, several sellers of nootropics were known to carry NSI-189. It was available from International Peptide previously and also from THT, prior to their closure.

NSI-189 experienceIf you find NSI-189 for sale, be aware that it is being offered illegally. Any seller who carries the product is likely to receive a legal notice from Neuralstem’s lawyers. The company has a patent on the formula and no generic versions are allowed by law. This means that even if you were to synthesize the compound in your own laboratory, it would not be permissible for you to offer it for sale as NSI-189.
That said, there are reputed to be sellers of the substance to be found on r/nooptropics who will respond to purchase requests sent via private message. No guarantee can be offered on the quality of their product. In fact, if you receive anything it may not even be NSI-189 at all. Buyer beware.

Is NSI-189 Suitable for You?

As the sale of NSI-189 remains illegal for all distributors, the substance can’t officially be recommended to anyone. Hopefully Neuralstem will soon launch this promising medical product.

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Interaction between Modafinil, Adderal, Ritalin and Cannabis

Need to power through the haze that routine marijuana use, or even just regular life
can impart on you? Perhaps you could consider intelligent use of “smart drugs.”
Smart drugs are a range of medications which are often prescribed for the treatment and management of issues relating to memory, tiredness, and slow mental function.
The most common uses are in treating ailments such as Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD, sleep disorders, and cognitive-behavioral disorders.
There is growing trend of unprescribed use of these pharmaceuticals for their positive effects on mental state; resulting in the term ‘Smart Drugs’.

The name “smart drugs” differentiates these substances from other illicit drugs due to the fact that the illegitimate use of them is aimed at increasing mental performance, rather than a more recreational usage.

For example, many individuals working in high-power jobs, such as those in finance, law and medicine are required to have high levels of concentration at all times and many have utilised a smart drug called modafinil.
Using modafinil after a heavy session of cannabis use helps bring back the clarity lost and leaves the user feeling energetic and alert.
Here are several user reviews who mix Modafinil with cannabis:
The underlying focus of the Modafinil is maintained, and the MJ adds creativity. Great combo for writers. And you’ll sleep at night.
It better to reward yourself with weed instead. If you want to hallucinate and get high then smoke marijuana and do shrooms. You won’t notice physical symptoms like these
Try cannabis along with Modafinil and notice if you see a similar perception of colours. After that small dose of magic mushrooms. All for science of course! smile emoticon
Trust me when i say that it’s not just about how much dopamine there is in the system. your body has to be able to respond to it. in my case, heavy past use of various substances has led me to not be able to feel anything from the medications i’m now on, and even cannabis only has noticeable effect in the morning. if anyone knows how to build the density of the dopamine receptors, i’m all ears!
It’s anti-nootropic and inhibits specifically acetylcholine, glutamate and dopamine. Yes you can study while smoking, but that doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t affect you negatively pharmalogically.


Adderal InteractionsNot sure about it, but I think there’s a heart rate boost from the interaction between both. Actually even using only one it may be noticeable. Vaporizing the herb can help for this case. Besides that, people have experienced much stronger trip on modafinil. Stronger but different, I would say.


For modafinil nootropic purpose it may be not good, as well usually the effects are pretty opposite, but you’ll figure it out by your own.

Another popular smart drug is Adderall / Ritalin
Adderall is pharmaceutical, physician-prescribed version of amphetamine.
Its main approved uses are in combating ADHD and excessive tiredness and lethargy.
Use of Adderall as a smart drug, can offer increased mental clarity by removing the fog sometimes experienced through the use of too much cannabis, or the after effects of a marijuana binge.
Adderall can also boost physical energy to give that extra boost when exercising. Modafinil and Adderal / Ritalin are most popular “smart drugs”
Some people also utilize another ADHD drug known as methylphenidate as a smart drug.
This drug is most commonly sold under the trade names Ritalin and Concerta, and its intended uses have many crossovers with Adderall.

Ritalin / Adderall’s Side Effects:

Cold, numb or tingling sensation in extremities
Light rash of the skin
Minor headaches
Visual disturbance
Digestive complaints (stomach pain, lack of appetite, vomiting, nausea, loss of weight)

Cannabis’ Side Effects:

Dryness of the mouth
Delayed reactions
Redness of the eyes
Appetite stimulation
Heightened heart-rate
Raised blood pressure
Quickened breathing
Drowsiness (“couch lock”)

Modafinil InteractionsWhen combined, certain unwanted effects from each drug may negate each other. For example, the drowsy effect from cannabis may cancel the insomnia sometimes produced by amphetamines. Another good example is the cannabis stimulation appetite where amphetamines suppress it. As both substances can cause anxiety, there is a risk of heightened anxiety when taking them in combination. Do not continue their combined usage if unpleasant anxiety results.


Smart drugs, such as Modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta are prescription medications—they may result in some negative side effects.
Some smart drugs can make users suffer from anxiety or increase irritability.
Some users report bad headaches and insomnia.
They can even result in an accelerated heart beat, gastrointestinal irritation and increased sweating.
It is also possible to develop a dependence for smart drugs. Users can build up a tolerance, and this can make it difficult to stop taking the drug.
It is also worth being aware that it is illegal to buy, sell or possess pharmaceutical drugs without a prescription and penalties can be harsh.
However, from personal experience… if you can get your hands on legitimate high-quality Modafinil and Adderall and experiment with type and dosage, you will likely find a smart drug that suits you, and can provide you with more energy, alertness, and mental clarity, no matter how much marijuana you use!

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Paradoxical effects from modafinil modalert and armodafinil

Captured from the web

Paradoxical effects from modafinil/armodafinil

I used modafinil a couple dozen times in 2008-12, just for big deadlines, and it worked as it’s supposed to. I then ran out and couldn’t get more where I was living, so I didn’t use it again till I got some Modalert from an Indian supplier early this year. However, this time it made me sleepy and foggy, such that I couldn’t get any work done till it wore off several hours later. Thinking it must be fake or a bad batch, I ordered some Modvigil and Artvigil (armodafinil), but they have the same effect.

armodafinilI can’t figure this out. I’ve tried varying doses, but the negative effects simply increase with the dose and there is little of the good effect at any dose. I’ve also tried it with and without caffeine, food and sleep deprivation, but it makes little or no difference. I don’t think they are fake because they taste the same as the real stuff and I get the same side-effects (mild headache, irritability, smelly urine, inability to sleep for 24 hours). I’ve also done the 23andMe genetic testing and I don’t have the gene that causes non-response (and that wouldn’t make sense anyway, as it worked before). I don’t regularly take any other drugs (illegal or prescription), though I was on low-dose haloperidol (for tics) for a few months last year. I found a few more reports of paradoxical effects online, but haven’t heard of anyone who used it successfully for a while before it went funny.

So I’d be chuffed if someone could tell me:
1. What might have caused this change
2. How I could make moda work for me again
3. What I could use as an alternative (piracetam and vinpocetine also make me tired and foggy, though noopept + caffeine sort of works)

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Adderall effects, addiction and “Rush”

The number of people using Adderall has spiked over the past several years.

Investigation reveals that AD(H)D drugs prescribed to juveniles rose between the years of 2002 and 2010 by 45%.
Adderall was second among these more frequently prescribed drugs.

Adderall sales have risen in excess of 3000% between the years of 2002 and 2006. More than 18 million prescriptions were issued for Adderall in the year of 2010.

A frequently-cited cause for this dramatic increase is that more and more juveniles and adolescents are being diagnosed with AD(H)D.

Adderall effectsThis increased diagnostic frequency is not the entire explanation however, as Adderall and similar drugs are frequently prescribed for conditions other than AD(H)D.

Given that Adderall boosts levels of dopamine, it acts similarly to cocaine in that it can induce euphoric mood. This is what often leads to its recreational usage.

Due to these euphoric effects, recreational users seeking to maximize the pleasurable effects will take Adderall in a non-approved manner. They might smash and then inhale the tablets or dilute them in water for injection purposes.

Adderall boosts concentration and wakefulness, which also leads to its (ab)use by those looking to enhance their work or study performance.

Off-label usage of stimulants such as Adderall continues to mount, especially among university or school students seeking an academic edge. This is particularly true around exam time, when students are often under intense pressure to perform.

Amphetamines like Adderall, which are occasionally referred to as “smart pills,” constitute the 2nd-most commonly abused drugs within universities and colleges.

Contrary to the popular wisdom that Adderall boosts informational retention and processing capacity, there is no evidence of this outside of AD(H)D sufferers.

Adderall is hihly regulated substance  in almost all of the countries. As a result many people have moved towards buying Modafinil as an alternative to Adderall.  Modafinil is one of the most popular smart drugs, however there are also other side effects, ranging from mild to serious, to be aware of when using Modafinil.
Modafinil is less regulated and as a result easily available without a prescription to patients in many countries.
Safe boost to focus, energy and mental performance Enhance mental clarity and control stress & anxiety
Improve learning and memory retention Modafinil can be bought in  dosed tablet form only. In the majority of cases, it is significantly more economical to use than Adderall as well as some generic forms of Adderall.

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Adderall xr brand against ADHD and narcolepsy

Adderall is the non-generic name of the medication developed for the treatment of juvenile or adult Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder or AD(H)D. It is only available under prescription.
Two stimulants are combined to create Adderall, these being dextroamphetamines and amphetamines. An extended-release version is available, known as Adderall XR.

Adderall xrIn 1960, the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, granted its approval to Adderall. The FDA similarly granted its approval to the compound formed from dextroamphetamines and amphetamines to be distributed as a generic.
The non-generic version, branded Adderall, is produced by DSM pharmaceuticals. Generic versions are available from a wide variety of pharmaceutical producers.
Adderall is in the category of drugs known as central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. Such drugs achieve their effects by raising the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine within the brain. Dopamine stimulates particular brain functions, which produces a relaxing effect on ADHD sufferers as well as improving their concentration.

Adderall is highly regulated substance  in almost all of the countries. As a result many people have moved towards buying Modafinil as an alternative to Adderall.  Modafinil is one of the most popular smart drugs, however there are also other side effects, ranging from mild to serious, to be aware of when using Modafinil.
Modafinil is less regulated and as a result easily available without a prescription to patients in many countries.
Safe boost to focus, energy and mental performance Enhance mental clarity and control stress & anxiety
Improve learning and memory retention Modafinil can be bought in  dosed tablet form only. In the majority of cases, it is significantly more economical to use than Adderall as well as some generic forms of Adderall.

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kratom and l-theanine review and experience

First time Kratom experience. (captured from FB)

I bought 50g of Red Kali from terrabotanicals and took 3g of powder, but after 1-2 hours did not feel much so I took another 1g plus 500mg of l-theanine. This had me feeling good, but lethargic and a bit spaced out. I enjoyed it though.

After about 6 hours I re-dosed with 4g. The effects were much lighter but still significant. I felt relaxed, calm and happy. I then went to bed but my neighbors were loud as hell so I was in a state of awake/asleep.

etherium gold experiencesAfter a few hours of laying in bed and listening to my neighbors rearrange furniture at 3 am I got fed up and made Kratom tea with 1g. I mistakenly boiled water then simmered on low for 15 minutes instead of boiling for 15 minutes straight. The tea hit me pretty hard and I fell asleep ~30 minutes after taking it. I’m definitely making tea from now on, so much better than the nasty powder alone. It actually tastes like good tea too.

Now it’s the next day, about 9-10 hours since my 1g tea. I woke up feeling well rested, but had trouble getting out of bed because I was so comfortable. I could have easily fallen back asleep. I felt a bit hungover after getting up: tired, irritable and a little groggy. I also had annoying constipation and frequent urination yesterday, but that went away after my morning coffee…

Conclusion: Meh. Kratom is not what I thought it would be and the constipation, extreme dehydration (on par with alcohol imo) and grogginess the next day really turns me off. I’ll be keeping the rest for the occasional tea when I can’t sleep but that’s it.

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Etherium gold and monatonic gold experiences

etherium gold and monatonic gold experiences

2 days experience with Etherium gold or monatonic gold.

Day 1: Received package around 7pm.
Took 1/8 tablespoon as suggested on an empty stomach. Within 20 minutes I felt some tingeling within my body. I felt a strange kind of relaxation. Subtle but noticable.
I had to drive a couple of minutes. Driving was good, felt really peaceful and not distracted from the road. Had absolutely no feeling to rush and kept maximum speed all the time.
Around 9pm I started to archive my administration (a lot of papers weren’t filed). Normally I felt a bit upset/angry/irritated, this time I had more of a neutral feeling. Kind of ‘in the moment’ and no stress or irritation.
Felt asleep quickly!

monatonic gold experiencesDay 2: Getting out of bed was a bit hard. But once out of bed I felt awake like I already took some coffee. Normally at this time I’m a bit lazy and leave home a bit late so I’d normally have to rush to be in time at work. This time I felt I had more control of getting my stuff together in my morning routine.
At work, I took 1/8 tablespoon. Felt tingeling again within minutes. No stress, in the moment and helicopter view of all the tasks I’m willing to do. This time no real feeling of wanting to get stuff done.. But peaceful feeling.
Hour after lunch I took a second dosage to see what will happen. Same tingeling in my body. In someway I can easily focus on by breathing (I usually do this as a mindfulness practise).
I experience a little headache, very little. But still feeling very peaceful and aware of my body.

Pro’s so far: More living in the present moment (now), peaceful, not irritated by getting things done while normally being a bit irritated, more aware of my body and breathing. For the more spiritual people out there; I sometimes have the feeling some of the higher chakra’s are being activated or being more active.

Con’s so far: Little headache, no increased focus or other improved brain functions. However, I’ve also read that it can take a couple of days to notice the full effects.

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Buying modafinil in Europe

If you are located in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden it is recommended to use forwarding services like Skypax to have Modafinil orders delivered within a EU. There are few online pharmacies with shipping within EU such as http://eumodafinil.com but in case of larger orders it is cheaper to buy from India pharmacies using skypax. I’l share my experience of ordering to Hamburg (Germany) . While being at a long business trip to Hamburg I got my modafinil stock almost empty. I wrote an email to Sunmodalert where I’m currently shop in and they said delivery is possible only if to use forwarding service located in the UK. I have opened an account with them and paid a setup fee (5gbp) .


After payment was settelled I have received my skypax virtual address in the UK. After ll I have placed an order for 270 Modalert pills cost me around 215$. On the billing page I have entered my skypax address. Delivery from India to the UK took days. After it was delivered I immediately received an email from skypax team. Right from my personal skypax account I have made this order forwarded to my Hambourg address. DHL delivery took about 3 days and cost me around put this address at Sunmodalert billing page and GBP 45 (around 65$) for the shipping itself + 12GBP setup fee.
In total I have spent 295$ ordering 270 pills (1.1€/pill) , and that is probably a best offer over the internet. I used my returning customer discount of 20% so for, If I order for a first time it would cost 1.1€+20%= 1.30€/pill but still price is reasonable. If to buy 540 pill at once it would cost me around 0.85€/pill.

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Modafinil import

Modafinil importImportation of Modafinil

Several nations have no restrictions against importing Modafinil. Always check your local laws or seek legal assistance before ordering as laws differ widely between countries. If you are able to purchase restriction, it’s easy to find an online pharmacies which retails generic Provigil. Such web stores export generics from India to your country of residence. They usually ship to the , USA, UK, Australia, Japan and other countries.

Certain nations are strictly forbid importation of medications with the exception of those you carry through customs on your person. Other countries have more lenient laws and allow Modafinil to be bought online and shipped directly to a residential address. Usually you may only order a quantity suitable for personal use, which constitutes at most three months’ worth of tablets. You may not order Modafinil online from an overseas supplier in order to resell it domestically. Bulk orders for Modafinil won’t be allowed for import. Nations like Canada restrict importation entirely so be aware that any Provigil you order from abroad may be discovered and confiscated by Canadian customs.

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Modafinil (Modalert) in Thailand

Modafinil in ThailandAny time we travel, we always take a first-aid kit. So what drugs may one take to Thailand?

First of all, it is forbidden to import narcotics into Thailand ,  if one transport it in bulk, the death penalty is guaranteed. Also it is impossible to import psychotropic drugs, for example, Fenazipam or Prozac. In case of large amount of psychotropic drugs  is found a penalty for the amount of 1500$ usd (min) is guaranteed. Modafinil (Modalert) in Thailand is seemed acceptable, at least it is not included in the list of forbidden substances (1st category).

Here is the list of the drugs forbidden to transportation:

Allilprodin 0,5 2,5

Alfameprodin 0,5 2,5

Alphametadale 0,5 2,5

Alfaprodin 0,5 2,5

Alfatsetilmetadol 0,5 2,5

Anileridine 0,01 0,05

Atsetil-alfametilfentanil 0,0002 0,001

Atsetilgidrokodein 0,5 2,5

Acetylated opium 0,5 * 5 *

Atsetilkodein 0,5 2,5

Atsetilmetadol 0,5 2,5

Atsetorfin 0,0001 0,0005

BDB [-(3,4-metilendioksifenit) L – 2-butanamin] 0,5 2,5

Bezitramide 0,1 0,5

Benzetidin 0,05 0,25

Benzilmorfin 0,5 2,5

Beta-gidroksi-3-metilfentanil 0,002 0,01

Betameprodin 0,5 2,5

Beta metadale 0,5 2,5

Betaprodin 0,5 2,5

Betatsetilmetadol 0,5 2,5

Hashish (hemp, cannabis pitch) 2 25

Heroin 0,5 2,5

Hydrocodon 0,5 2,5

Hydrocodon phosphate 0,5 2,5


Gidromorfinol 0,5 2,5

Hydromorphone 0,5 2,5

Desomorphine 0,5 2,5

Diampromid 0,5 2,5

Diatsetilmorfin (heroin) 0,5 2,5

Digidromorfin 0,5 2,5

Dimenoksadol 0,5 2,5

N-Dimetilamfetamin 0,5 2,5

Dimepgeptanol 0,5 2,5

Dimetiltiambuten 0,5 2,5

Dioksafetil 0,1 0,5

Dipipanon 0,01 0,05

Difenoksin 0,1 0,5

Dietiltiambuten 0,5 2,5



DOB (d, L — 2,5-dimetoksi-4-bromine-amphetamine) 0,01 0,05

FUR-COATS (d, L — 2,5-dimetoksi-4-chlorine-amphetamine) 0,01 0,05

DOET (d, L — 2,5-dimetoksi-4-ethyl-amphetamine) 0,01 0,05

Drotebanol 0,5 2,5

DET (N, N-dietiltriptamin) 0,5 2,5

Isomethadone 0,5 2,5

Cannabis (marihuana) 6 * 100 *

Kat 100 * 1000 *

Ketobemidon 0,01 0,5

Klonitazen 0,0002 0,001

Kodoksim 0,5 2,5

Cocaine bush (plant of any kind of the sort Erythroxylon) 1000 5000

Kustarno the made preparations from ephedrine or from the preparations containing ephedrine 0,5 * 10 *

Kustarno the made preparations from pseudoephedrine or from the preparations containing pseudoephedrine 0,5 * 10 *

Levometorfan 0,5 2,5

Levomoramid 0,5 2,5

Levorphanol () 0,5 2,5

Levofenatsilmorfan 0,5 2,5

Lizerginovy acid and its derivatives 0,001 0,005

d-Lizergid (acid, LSD-25) 0,0001 0,005

Leaf of the cook 20 * 250 *

Poppy straw 20 * 500 *

Cannabis oil (gashishny oil) 0,4 * 5 *

MBDB [(3,4-metilendioksifenit) N-metil-1-2-butanamin] 0,5 2,5

HMM () 0,6 3

MDMA (d, L – 3,4 – – N – alpha dimetil-phenyl-etilamin) 0,6 3

3-Monoatsetilmorfin 0,5 2,5

6-Monoatsetilmorfin 0,5 2,5

Mescaline 0,5 2,5

Methadone 0,5 2,5

D-methadone 0,5 2,5

L-methadone 0,5 2,5

Methadone intermediate product (4-tsiano-2-dimetilamino-4,4-difenilbutan) 0,5 2,5

Metazotsin 2 10

Methamphetamine 0,3 2,5

Metildezorfin 0,5 2,5

Metildigidromorfin 0,5 2,5

I 3-metiltiofentanit 0,0002 0,001

I 3-metilfentanit 0,0002 0,001

N-metilefedron 0,2 1

Metopon 0,5 2,5

Mirofin 0,5 2,5

Lacteal juice of the different types of poppy which aren’t an opium or blue poppy, but containing the poppy alkaloids included in lists of drugs and psychotropic substances 0,5 * 5 *

MMDA (2-metoksi-alfa-4-metil 4,5-(metilendioks) ) 0,5 2,5

Moramida, an intermediate product (2 – methyl – 3-morpholinium-1,1-diphenyl-propane-carbonic acid) 0,5 2,5

Morferidin 0,5 2,5

Morphine methylbromide 0,5 2,5

Morfin-N-okis 0,5 2,5

MPPP (1 propionate propionate (air)) 0,5 2,5

Nikodikodin 0,5 2,5

Nikokodin 0,5 2,5

Nicomorphine 0,5 2,5

Noratsimetadol 0,5 2,5

Norkodein 0,5 2,5

Norlevorfanol 0,5 2,5

Normethadone 0,5 2,5

Normorfin 0,5 2,5

Norpipanon 0,5 2,5

Oxycodone () 0,5 2,5

Oksimorfon 0,5 2,5

Opium (including medical) — the turned juice of an opium or blue poppy 1 * 25 *

Opium poppy (plant of a type of Papaver somniferum L) 20 * 400 *

Oripavin 0,2 1

Para-fluorofentanil (couple-ftorfentanil) 0,0002 0,001

Parageksil 0,05 0,25

PEPAP (L – fenetil-4-phenyl-4-piperidinol acetate (air)) 0,5 2,5

Pethidine 0,5 2,5

Pethidine an intermediate product And (4 – 1 – methyl – 4-fenilpiperidin) 0,5 2,5

Piminodin 0,5 2,5

Fruit body (any part) of any kind of the mushrooms containing a psilocybin and (or) = 10 * 100 *

PMA (4 – – alpha metilfenil-etilamin) 0,01 0,1

Progeptazin 0,5 2,5

Properidin 0,5 2,5

To pro-feasts 0,5 2,5

Psilocybin 0,05 0,25

Psilotsin 0,05 0,25

Ratsemetorfan 0,5 2,5

Ratsemoramid 0,5 2,5

Ratsemorfan 0,5 2,5

Rolitsiklidin 0,02 0,1

2C-B (4-bromine-2,5-dimetoksifenetilamin) 0,01 0,5

STP (HOUSE) of 2-amino-1-(2,5 – – 4 – methyl)  0,01 0,05

Thabacon 0,5 2,5

Tenotsiklidin 0,02 0,1

Tetrahydrocannabinol (all isomers) 0,05 0,25

Tiofentanil 0,0002 0,001

TMA (d, L – 3,4,5 – – alpha metilfenil-amine) 0,01 0,05

Fenadokson 0,5 2,5

Fenadon 0,5 2,5

Fenazotsin 2 10

Fenampromid 0,5 2,5

Fenatin 0,5 2,5

Phencyclidine 0,02 0,1

Fenomorfan 0,5 2,5

Phenoperidine 0,5 2,5

Folkodin 0,5 2,5

Furetidin 0,5 2,5

Ekgonin, his esters and derivatives which can be turned in and cocaine 0,2 1

Extract of poppy straw (concentrate of poppy straw) 1 * 5 *

N-ETIL-MDA (d, L-N-etil-alfa-metil-3,4-(metilendioks) -) 0,5 2,5

Etilmetiltiambuten 0,5 2,5

Etitsiklidin 0,02 0,1

Etokseridin 0,5 2,5

Etonitazen 0,0001 0,001

Etorfin 0,0001 0,001

Etriptamin 0,5 2,5

Efedron () 0,2 2,5

Phenoperidine 0,5 2,5

Folkodin 0,5 2,5

Furetidin 0,5 2,5

Ekgonin, his esters and derivatives which can be turned in cocaine 0,2 1

Extract of poppy straw (concentrate of poppy straw) 1 * 5 *

N-ETIL-MDA (d, L-N-etil-alfa-metil-3,4-(metilendioks) -) 0,5 2,5

Etilmetiltiambuten 0,5 2,5

Etitsiklidin 0,02 0,1

Etokseridin 0,5 2,5

Etonitazen 0,0001 0,001

Etorfin 0,0001 0,001

Etriptamin 0,5 2,5

Efedron () 0,2 2,5



List of psychotropic drugs

Deksamfetamin 0,2 1

Katin (d-norpsevdoefedrin) 0,2 1

Katinon (L – alpha) 0,2 1

Levamfetamin 0,2 1

Mecloqualone 0,5 2,5

Methaqualone 1 5

4-metilaminoreks 0,5 2,5

Methylphenidate (Ritalinum) 0,2 1

Katinon (L – alpha

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Modalert vs Adderall

Modalert is renowned for its brain-boosting properties. Its effects are similar to amphetamine or methylphenidate stimulants, like Ritalin and Adderall. If we compare Modalert vs Adderall we will see the difference is that eugorics have far lower risks in terms of adverse effects. Eugorics are also not habit-forming and only rarely produce any unwanted side effects, such as anxiety or twitchiness.

Modalert vs AdderallArmodafinil is assumed to function within the brain in a very similar manner to Modafinil; by raising the activity of dopamine, adrenaline and histamine. Armodafinil and Modafinil differ in their precise effects as well as adverse effects; it’s worth noting these differences when choosing between them

Shortly before the expiration of Modafinil’s patent in 2007, Armodafinil became available for sale. At the same year Modalert has became available in India. Now a days if one compare Modalert vs Adderall , in most of the cases Modalert is preferred.. Patent expiry allows generic versions of a drug to be legally sold, meaning the former patent holder’s profits invariably shrink due to the loss of their monopoly. Often the original drug is changed or upgraded sufficiently that it may be patented once more. This allows pharmaceutical firms to protect their market position, for better or worse.
Waklert is a less adulterated type of Modalert. Modafinil is chemically comprised of dual isomers, known as the Right and Left. They look similar but are in fact reversed. An interesting property of this reversal is that a single isomer can achieve the positive medicinal effects whereas the other isomer is found to have reduced, minimal or even adverse effects. Scientists were able to sequester that helpful isomer, the Right, in order to create Armodafinil – from whence derives the name, “Ar”-Modafinil as in “R,” for Right Modafinil. Armodafinil is thus known as an “enantiomer” of regular Modafinil.

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Modalert tablet

One undisputed fact is that Modalert raises levels of histamine in the hypothalamus. The scientific consensus is that this acts to increase alertness in a far healthier way than stimulants like amphetamines.

Modalert is known to block reabsorption along the dopamine transport network. This causes an increase in dopamine concentrations outside of neuronal cells, making dopamine better available to the synapses. Certain research also seeks to identify the locus of Modalert’s tablet monoamine activity. The goal is to establish the drug’s interactions with dopamine within the striatum and nucleus accumbens brain regions. Also under investigation is the drug’s activity on serotonin in the amygdala and frontal cortex and also the activity of noradrenaline in the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus and hypothalamus.

modalert tablet

A specific mechanism which was studied involved hypocretins, peptides within the brain which are also called orexins. These orexin brain cells are clustered in the hypothalamic region and extend to various other brain regions, not least those which control the sleep-wake cycle.

Triggering these brain areas will boost the levels of available norepinephrine and dopamine, as well as raising histamine availability in the tuberomammillary nucleus. Animal studies conducted on rats have established the fact that Provigil leads to heightened neurological histamine output. It is theorized that such effects apply also to humans.

The human body has two Orexin receptor sites, identified as 1 and 2. When orexin systems are damaged in animals, the effect is to produce symptoms reminiscent of narcolepsy. In such instances, the administration of Modalert tablet reduces these symptoms in animals and boosts their general alertness back toward baseline. It is theorized this occurs via Provigil’s influence on the orexin pathway.

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Modalert in Greece

How to be prepared for a trip to Greece or Cyprus

If you have chronic diseases or you often use the same type of drugs (from a headache, stomach, etc.), you will need to find original instructions and write out the International  brand  name of medicine and the international name (in Latin words).

A drugstore in Greek language is called Φαρμακείο, φαρμακευτική, φαρμακείον — generally pharma-at the beginning of the word and any international images symbolizing medical care — a snake with a bowl, a red or green cross.

The most important for me was to not miss Modalert in Greece. Thankfully it is called in Latin words, you will see it in the list below.

Every time you visit a Greek pharmacy and talk to greec pharmacist, I advise you to simply show a proper drug name  in the list of drugs. You will understand each other quicker that way.

If medicine has no translation in Greek language, it means you need to show the Latin name of a medicine.

Modalert in Greece

Smart drugs:

As I told before Modalert in Greece has a Latin transcription and called Modiodal

Headache medicine

Аσπιρίνη — Aspirin (Acetilsalicylic acid, Acidum acetylsalicylicum);

Baralgin (Baralgin);

Spazmalgon (Spasmalgon).

Drugs for pressure (hypertension)

λοσαρτάνη – Lozap (Lozartan, Losartan);

Konkor (Bisoprolol, Bisoprolol);

Καπτοπρίλη — Kapoten (Captopril, Captopril);

Heart drugs

Νιτρογλυκερίνη — Nitroglycerine (Nitroglycerin);

Allergy medicine

Tavegil (Klemastin, Clemastine);

λοραταδίνη-Klaritin (Loratadin, Loratadine);

γλυκονικό ασβέστιο — Calcium a gluconate (Calcium gluconate);

Medicines for diarrhea

Enterosgel (Polimethylsiloxane polihydrate, Enterosgel);

Bifidobacterium καιρό — Bifiform (Bifidobacterium longum);

Ο ενεργός άνθρακας — Absorbent carbon (Activated charcoal).

Cough remedies

Σιρόπι για τον βήχα — cough Syrup;

Παστίλιες λαιμού — Pastils for cough;

Βήχας παστίλια — cough Pills;

Cold medicines

μύτη σταγόνες — drops in a nose.

Аντιπυετικά — Febrifugal preparations;

Аσπιρίνη — Aspirin (Acetilsalicylic acid, Acidum acetylsalicylicum).

Wounds, burns and callosities

Γύψος βακτηριοκτόνο — the Plaster bactericidal;

επίδεσμος — bandage;

ιώδιο — Iodine;

Πανθενόλη — Pantenol.

Sprain medicines

ελαστικός επίδεσμος — Elastic bandage

Finalgon = Nonivamid + Nikoboksil (Nonivamide + Nicoboxil);

Αλοιφή από ένα διάστρεμμα (αύξηση της θερμοκρασίας) — the sprain Ointment (warming);

Αλοιφή από ένα διάστρεμμα (ψύξη) — the sprain Ointment (cooling);

Αλοιφή από πόνους στην πλάτη (αναλγητικό) – pains Ointment in a back.

Drugs for diabetes

ινσουλίνη — insulin.


προφυλακτικά — Condoms;

Τεστ Εγκυμοσύνης — pregnancy test.

Means of hygiene

πετσέτες — Female laying;

ταμπόν Γυναικών — Female tampons;

ιατρική βάτες — Medical cotton wool.

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Generic Modafinil for the UK residents

Generic ModafinilIn recent years, Provigil has become a somewhat notorious smart drug, sought after by individuals who may or may not have a legitimate medical need for it. After a profile in Rolling Stone magazine about buying Modafinil without a prescription from online pharmacies, there have been a number of questions raised about the legal status of this drug around the world. Is Provigil legal in the UK and what are the requirements for buying it? The United Kingdom regulates medications and assigns them to Schedules based on their potential to cause serious side effects and addiction.  Generic modafinil is not a Scheduled drug for the UK residents, but it is regulated. This means there are no laws controlling its possession within the UK, but there are laws regarding how it can be purchased. You can only obtain Provigil provided you have been issued a prescription from your medical doctor for it.

Residents of the United Kingdom are allowed to purchase their generic modafinil from their local chemist or pharmacy, or, from a pharmacy located outside of the country. If you choose to import your prescription of Provigil, bear in mind you may be required to provide proof of a prescription to customs officials, should they inspect your package and wish to legitimize your having it on your person. Importation should be in small quantities which are considered for personal use only. Normally, this means a 30-90 day supply can be imported at any given time.

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Modafinil in the UK

Modafinil in the UK
My Personal Experience of It’s Usefulness

The drugs do work: my life on brain enhancers
Could an unlicensed mind pill restore the energy lost to multiple sclerosis? For a novelist who feared her working life was over, it was worth the risk…
At a dinner party in the winter of 2011, a famous novelist, who’s in his mid-50s and whom I’ll call Paul, told me he’d used the neuroenhancer modafinil to help him get through a long, gruelling book tour. He also told me it was another novelist, of equal fame, intelligence and reputation, who had given him his first sample of the drug.
Paul and I had met many times before, and he was among the few people who knew that, in 2008, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And so, when Paul had finished his bowl of soup, I mentioned Margaret Talbot’s New Yorker article about neuroenhancers, and asked what he thought about them.
That’s when Paul told me he’d used the drug, and changed my life.
Talbot’s article, like many published since the mid-1990s, turned, in part, on the fuzzy ethics of the use of neuroenhancers. These controversial drugs, strictly licensed for the treatment of narcolepsy, sleep apnoea and ADHD, have become immensely popular among users without prescription because they promote a keen sense of wakefulness and sharper cognitive focus.

modafinil adhdmodafinil-multiple-sclerosis

As is the case for many people with multiple sclerosis, the effects of weakened limbs, spasticity and fatigue had cut my working life in half. Yet not a single GP, neurologist or nurse, and none of the MS websites, had mentioned the use of neuroenhancers for the treatment of neurological fatigue. Although I knew that surgeons regularly use modafinil as a substitute for the ratty and short-lived perks of caffeine, and so, too, do hundreds of sleep-deprived domestic airline pilots, Ivy League students (both average and brilliant), many of the brightest minds in academe and hundreds of women and men in the US military, until that night, I’d never met anybody who’d used the drug – and I wanted to know as much as Paul was willing to tell me.
As we drank our coffee, I asked if the drugs worked. “Sure,” he said. “They worked beautifully.”
“Did they alter your mood,” I asked, “or just pep you up? Like coffee or nicotine?”
“The effect was much more than purely physical.”
“Did you feel euphoric?” I’d read that some users get a high from the drugs.
“Not quite. But it’s hard to explain.” Paul smiled as though remembering something nice. “It was a long road trip and I was damned exhausted.”

The waiter had come to our table with the bill, and many of the guests were glum, counting out their notes and coins. Most, except two drunk writers arguing about Iraq, had stopped talking, and that awful end-of-night mood seemed, as it so often does, to wreck all that had been good about the earlier laughter.
But Paul wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Maybe he sensed the importance of our chat. Maybe he sensed that I needed to know more.
“How much did you take?” I asked.
“Only half a pill at first.” He’d snapped a 200mg tablet in half, on the advice of the other writer.
“So, did you feel any major difference, besides wakefulness?”
“Yes, the change was major. Not to my psyche or personality, but it was dramatic. I went from utter fatigue to feeling like me on my best day.”
“You on your best day?” I said.
He smiled again. “I was like a younger me after a very good night’s sleep.”
“Did you take any more?” I asked. “After the book tour?”
“A few. Now and then. When I really need them.”
“Do you have any with you?”
He laughed. “Now?”
He didn’t have any, but as we took the lift together and walked outside to catch our separate taxis to our separate hotels, he told me how easily I could buy modafinil, and that he’d found his on a Canadian website.
We stood for a while in the bitter cold, the howling wind pushing paper and plastic coffee lids through the gutters.
“What about side-effects?” I asked. “Like insomnia?”
“None,” he said. “But Maria, don’t take them after midday.”
When Paul’s taxi came, we hugged and said goodbye, and I went on waving and smiling at him while he sat in the back seat of his taxi, because I was sure that what he’d told me was about to change my life, for good and for better.

modafinil experience
The next morning, in my hotel bed, I went online and did some research. The short-term side-effects seemed to include headaches and possible nausea, but the only real long term side-effect reported in medical journals was a vague complaint made by users that they’d become monomaniacal; too fixated on work and study, at the expense of spending time with friends and family. A few users complained of insomnia and some reported that they’d given up using the drugs, even though they’d suffered no ill side-effects, because of a superstitious dread that they were “too good to be true” and that there “might be unknown side-effects in the future”.
It’s not known how many people are using neuroenhancers: the drug remains strictly off-licence in the UK and the US. But on 9 November 2011, the BBC’s Newsnight tried to get closer to an answer by running an anonymous online questionnaire. There were 761 replies, from New Scientist readers and Newsnight viewers: 38% said they’d taken cognitive-enhancing drugs, 40% said they’d bought the drugs online, and 92% said they’d use them again.
These numbers are crude and anecdotal, and that’s because, as Newsnight discovered, it’s nigh on impossible to find hard data.
There would be no point calling my neurologist or going to my GP; the NHS position in the UK is fixed: no prescriptions of modafinil except for conditions such as narcolepsy or sleep apnoea, not even for MS patients with fatigue. And so I stayed in that warm hotel bed, paid for another hour’s worth of Wi-Fi and ordered a batch of modafinil online.

If monomania was the worst side-effect, then so be it: the drugs might put me back to where I was before I became ill. I might even return to being a souped-up and tireless worker, tapping out words for six or seven hours a day, reading until the wee hours, and rarely sleepy. I wasn’t in the least bit nervous, and my expectations were realistic. These drugs don’t turn dullards into super-achievers, and there’s scant evidence that any IQ points are gained.
Along with incontinence (of both kinds), poor motor skills, spasticity, heat-intolerance and weakness in both my right leg, right arm and hand, MS means I suffer from the pest of fatigue. But before the onset of neuronal damage and the loss of axonal potential, I was fully alive, and liked to call myself an improbable survivor. At my most narcissistic, I even bragged that I was bionic.

I grew up in a bookless house with a father and brother who have spent most of their lives in prison, psychiatric hospitals or living rough, and a mother who has spent her life slaving and scrimping to pay the bills, living a nervous and troubled life. I was the first and only person in my family to go to university and I spent two decades redesigning myself: even my voice is the product of elocution lessons.
Before MS moved in on me, I’d worked for seven years as a city lawyer, as the editor of a literary magazine and, before the age of 20, I’d also worked as a cadet journalist and as an assistant director in both film and TV. And then, after the lesions of MS, both on my spine and in my brain, I was the opposite of bionic. I needed a nap after a two-hour lecture, couldn’t stand in a post office line for more than five minutes, couldn’t walk more than a few hundred metres without resting and had to sneak down alleyways when my bladder opened. Worse than any of these curses, when I tried to write for more than an hour or so, my right hand curled up like a prawn cracker. I was sure my life as a novelist was dead.
In 2011, on the night of that dinner party, the idea of ever feeling like “me on my best day” seemed as unlikely as swimming the Channel or converting to Scientology. And so there was no question: I’d try modafinil and, if it worked, I’d take my anecdotal evidence of the drug’s effects to both my neurologist and GP.
In the hotel room that morning, it took less than half an hour to find more than a dozen websites selling modafinil in the UK, and I chose a site that called itself a pharmacy and that looked a little less fishy than the others. The one I chose had fewer spelling mistakes, and no photo of a fake doctor with shiny hair. I ordered two boxes of modafinil: 30 x 200mg and 30 x 100mg. Later I have found Gwern.net website where all Modafinil vendors are discussed.

moafinil gwernmodalert-gwern

Finally i have my own pharmacies chart here
The precise mechanisms of neuroenhancers remain unknown and unclear, and most of what I’d read was cautious and circumspect, dominated by concerns about possible long-term side-effects. In newspapers and magazines, neuroenhancers are typically called “Viagra for the brain” or “mind steroids”, and their use is often regarded with disdain and suspicion.
The notion shared by most journalists and commentators seems to be that the drugs work, but because they’re rarely used for legitimate medical reasons, they are stained, disreputable. The fact that they are frequently used by people commonly characterised as cheaters – students who want better grades, A-type personalities and overachievers who want to get brain-hyped so that they might gain an unfair advantage – appears to be the only real reason medical professionals who treat MS patients are so silent on the subject.
I didn’t care at all about the morality, or otherwise, of taking brain enhancers. If the drugs worked, I’d be able to finish my fourth novel, and I’d be able go on teaching and editing.

Modafinil India
My supply of modafinil arrived at about 10am on a Monday morning: a small box within a larger box, both covered in thick brown masking tape, postmarked India. A handwritten label described the contents as “gift”. I put Schubert on the stereo, ate a banana and, with half a glass of milk, swallowed 100mg straight away. An hour later I was vacuuming my car and scrubbing black gunk from my oven. In the afternoon, I went to a cafe and wrote until closing time, taking just a few short breaks, every half-hour or so, to rest and massage my stiffened hand. I didn’t eat all day and when I’d finished at the cafe, I went home, cleaned the toilet, then read until 2am, my brain alive and sure again.
In the first weeks of using modafinil, I felt a bout of happiness, a steadily upward-moving mood; a strange and sustained euphoric effect. I doubt this heightened state was caused by the drug’s pharmacological workings. It’s more likely to have been brought on by pure relief, perhaps even the power of placebo. After more than two years of being made sluggish and clumsy by MS, my mind muddied and muted, I was wide awake. In the stuffy, darkened house of my head, all the windows and doors seemed to have been flung open and the air was crisp and cool.
The euphoric effect faded after a month or so (no more cleaning frenzies), but the wakefulness remains both robust and reliable. I take 400mg just about every day (with no side-effects) and I’m twice as productive and considerably happier. I’m not smarter, but I have the hours I need, and loads of them.
I’m not cured of MS, of course – my right hand (and leg) still flags, still stiffens, still weakens – but the effects of modafinil have a way of sacking off the urge to quit. The mysterious workings of the drug seem, somehow, to trump or override physical weakness, and the effects allow me – compel me – to push through the pangs and the pains, and the pesky failings of my right hand.
In this hard-to-describe way, modafinil has revealed something more complicated. By swarming my brain, the drug seems to compel me to use my hand even when it hurts or twists or trembles; even when spasms and pains unnerve me, or would ordinarily make me want to take a sleeping pill, or hide in bed and turn off all the lights. I use the word “compel” when I talk about the effect of neuroenhancers, because this seems the most useful way to describe the irresistible urge to work provoked by the drug: the very state of being that I’d known all my life, before the frightening onset of MS.
My hand is still retarded by the disease, but modafinil continues to mask the worst of the emotional and psychological pains – the sulks and sadnesses – and lets me do at least twice as much as I’d done before.
In my case, modafinil has shown what the science of neuroplasticity promises. If a weak or damaged limb is used in spite of its limitations, and used often, then different or new neurological pathways might be found, and the lame or weak limb has greater hope of working.
When I’d been using modafinil for a few months, I asked my GP for a prescription. He vehemently refused, and refused again a week later, even when I told him my neurologist endorsed the use of the drug to treat fatigue. And so, for six months or more, I went on ordering those double-taped boxes from India  pharmacy. Finally, my neurologist, after facing infuriating resistance from the NHS, found a way to get me a legal prescription.
In the US, modafinil has been trialled for MS patients (albeit on a small scale) and the results have been positive. Yet the drug remains off-licence, for Modafinil in the UK there’s still no sign of any major randomised controlled clinical trials.
In August 2012, I wrote for the first time about my MS and, soon after, hundreds of emails poured in from fellow sufferers. These emails came from academics, GPs, scientists, teachers, athletes, writers, nurses and PhD students, many of whom have been so stunted by fatigue that they’ve quit work (and play) altogether.
There’s no credible argument against the use of modafinil for fatigue in MS. The problem isn’t the drug, but the curse of its image: the stigma of its “recreational” use; the idea that the benefit of cognitive endurance is inherently greedy and frivolous, in the same dirty class as steroids, Botox and Viagra. And there’s the cost, perhaps the most powerful reason for the failure (or refusal) to run long-term clinical trials, and the NHS’s dogged refusal to relax its position. If both efficacy and safety were proven, there would be a long line of people with MS asking their GPs for a taste of this brain pill.
As for me, I won’t bother hounding doctors and neurologists, or writing agitated campaign letters to NHS bureaucrats. I’m too selfish, too preoccupied by my work. But if the status quo doesn’t shift, and shift soon, let there be words, and let some of them be furious. And if Paul reads this, I hope he hears me say what I tried to say to him in the taxi on that cold night, and have been too afraid to say since: “Thank you.”

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Modafinil purchase

Modafinil purchase

Anyone who’s started up their own company will know what it’s like to wish for more hours in the day. When I was setting up my initial company while holding down a regular job, I only got 6 hours sleep out of every 24. This intense schedule carried on for about three quarters of a year, weekends included. After hours, I’d labor on the startup until just before midnight, snatch some sleep until 04h00 then hit the startup work again and take an hour powernap before my day job started.

I’ve blogged about that crazy schedule but up until now haven’t spilled the beans on what allowed me to pull it off without crashing and burning. My secret weapon is Modafinil, a smart drug that boosts alertness and mental function. Modafinil purchase was a real benefit for me. Modafinil is very popular drug and it is well advertised by lot’s of Modafinil  vendors. You might have heard of it under another name, like Provigil or Alertec. Among entrepreneurs, nootropics that boost brain function are a hot button issue. Everyone in the startup space works hard and most play hard, so anything that helps you keep up with the pace is really interesting. I’ve discussed this at length in online forums but now I’m going to concentrate my knowledge into this single article.

Modafinil, the Facts

Night-shift workers and narcoleptics are often prescribed Modafinil by doctors. There are also anecdotal reports from military, police, rescue workers and son on that they sometimes utilize Modafinil during crunch times, when lives are on the line and an alert mind is required. The full pharmacological action of Modafinil remains to be discovered but some claim it boosts cognitive function and regular users agree that it blocks fatigue signals and boosts wakefulness.


While Moda’s reputation as a reliable stimulant began among narcoleptics and others with sleep disorders, it’s become well-regarded by those in search of extra energy and a mental boost, I call it sleep-in-a-pill rather than a sleeping pill. It’s available through pharmacies over the web and costs in the region of 5 bucks a pop. So instead of a Starbucks, you could take a Modafinil and enjoy a caffeine-like effect but without the jitters and inability to sleep.

Besides coffee, other obvious comparisons are Ritalin, Adderall or even meth. These drugs also have stimulant effects but the difference is Modafinal doesn’t produce anything like their side effects. The way all these substances affect the human body is pretty similar however, despite how smart-drug companies will try to differentiate Modafinil for PR reasons.

Meth has particularly ugly side-effects and social consequences, so it’s understandable that nootropic manufactures want to emphasize that they’re pharmaceutical companies, producing a strictly-controlled and legitimate product. While it’s theoretically possible one could OD on Moda, or anything for that matter, I’ve never heard of that actually happening. Harmful substances only exist as traces in Modafinil so you’d have to exceed the recommended dosage over ten times to get really sick. You probably wouldn’t even suffer any impairment after your recovery, which would be a nasty half-week or so.

My Dosage Regimen for Modafinil

The first time I took Moda, it was branded Alertec. This was during my initial startup plus day job phase, my famous six hour schedule. During my long sleep which began 23h00, I’d briefly wake at 03h00 to pop a full 200mg tab of Moda. This would kick in at 04h00, when I’d wake and get up. I’d then take another 50 mg as a booster dose around 09h00 and the same again before lunchtime. A moderate amount of caffeine was the final element that kept me going strong despite being seriously short-changing myself on sleep. The roughly 300 mg. per day dosage was also my highest usage of Modafinil. I take it now and then at lower doses, sometimes even if I’ve had enough sleep but just want more energy.

It’s been around twelve months since I last took Moda. Back then I’d consume a quarter to half the standard 200 mg pill, mostly to help me power through chores. Moda is great for that. People have told me that they’ve taken multiple pills during the same 24 hours. Some even do so habitually! That’s excessive, in my opinion, considering the distinct effects of even a quarter pill. I’d never take more than half on a day when I’d gotten a full night’s sleep. Overdoing it with Modafinil is dumb, as that’s when you’ll start getting side-effects and end up hyper, with nervous energy you can’t effectively channel. That’s just a stressful and unproductive experience.

Modafinil and my System

I’ve mentioned the general benefits of Modafinil but not my subjective experience of them. So here goes but keep in mind that I’m not a medical professional and your results may vary from mine. Also, I’m making no recommendations to anyone. I’m sharing my knowledge, how you act on that is your responsibility. What I’ve observed is that taking Moda when I’m well-rested gives me a far more noticeable boost than taking it when I’m behind on sleep. If you’re tired when you take it, don’t expect to have an amazing time, take it when you need to keep sleep at bay so you can get things finished.

The immediate effect is that fatigue recedes. This happens in a smooth, organic way that’s much less of a palpable kick than you get from ingesting strong coffee. There is a bit of a buzz though, so you need to be prepared to ride that out without getting giddy or edgy. Most everyone is familiar with coffee of whatever kind, so let me contrast Moda to caffeine. Back in the day, I could tolerate a little caffeine in my blood system but I’ve now developed tolerance, to the extent that a rich dark roast drunk at night actually chills me.

But comparing to my early pre-coffeeholic days, a quarter Modafinil pill does more for me than a half-shot of espresso. The espresso would hardly register but the Moda would keep me on track for up to 8 hours and it would let me down easily afterwards, with no abrupt slide into sleepiness.

A couple measures of espresso would give me a jolt and energize me. If I was fading late at night, I could then usually pile into any task for at least two hours, with a good level of alertness. The caffeine comedown sometimes made me irritable. So a similarly conservative measure of Moda, say 100 mg., would by contrast give me about four times coffee’s period of alertness, I’d go hard at it for eight hour stretches sometimes. The key is to keep the momentum going and not lose focus on your work, exercise or whatever other goals. On top of the stimulant effects, I’d also feel mild bliss. Coming off was gradual, taking at most a few hours, during which times my concentration was lacking so I stuck to light, enjoyable work and entertainment.

Going overboard on the coffee, which for me would be about four shots of espresso, was never something I enjoyed. I’d get mild anxiety feelings, a certain squirreliness about the eyes, unsteady hands and disrupt my concentration. The typical symptoms. If I took a heavy dose of Moda, let’s say 200 mg. while being already alert, I’d get serious bliss without any twitchiness or concentration disruption. There’d still be a level of anxiety of however, a definite sense of urgency that made me attack even the simplest of tasks like a rabid bulldog. It’s not a good thing to take around people who just want to vegetate on the couch, in other words.

Whenever I used Modafinil, I experienced a certain tunneling of my focus. Things around the borders of my mental and even visual awareness became a little fuzzed. At higher doses, that could make driving or navigating complex environments a bit more dangerous, you might not noticed things from the corner of your eye as you would usually. Moda also makes it harder for me to think creatively or abstractly, which subject I’ll now elaborate on.

It seemed my verbal IQ rose on Moda, I had snappier replies. I also thought a little faster generally. However, deeper thinking became harder. Doing something like CAD design or typing out data-rich articles is more of a chore on Moda. Sometimes this was restrictive in what I could use Moda for, so I’d have to resort to caffeine instead. So, if you want to plough through a task that’s repetitive and / or requires a lot of fine grain attention, that’s where Modafinil shines.

If I had taken Modafinil and wasn’t occupied at any specific task, then I’d find my mind wandering as per usual until they reached some intriguing point, I’d then find that consuming my attention as I explored it with great focus. Sometimes this helped me come up with good ideas for writing, but always on off-topic subjects.

As I alluded to earlier, this required me to plan out my activities for Modafinil in respect of its strengths and weaknesses as I experience them. Sometimes I hit peaks of efficiency, especially if I had a plan laid out of goals I wanted to achieve during its period of pharmacological activity. So I’d set myself a target like 30 coding sub-goals that I wanted to finish up in a single day, well beyond my usual completion rate. I got some major rewrites done in record time using this method.

Something I felt really helped me to retain my focus and productivity was the use of appropriate music. Trance music helped in this regard and I had some epic coding sessions to such accompaniment. Classical music was also a good option, although that experience had a different texture entirely.

The exit ramp from Modafinil is clearly marked, in that you’ll feel pretty spent. In fact, Modafinil can leave you literally drained as it’s also a diuretic; plan on visiting the facilities more than rarely and remember to keep hydrated. Actually keeping hydrated can be harder than it sounds, as you won’t feel much thirst or appetite at that. You’ll make the mistake of not drinking enough precisely once if you experiment with Moda, as you’ll feel pretty bad if you get dehydrated by drinking very little water or whatever but urinating a whole lot of stored fluid. Besides a generalized rattiness, insufficient fluid intake is liable to induce headaches.

Modafinil can also make you more aggressive and this is something you’ll have to adjust for. You might find other people irritatingly slow to grasp a point or complete a task, so you have to practice maintaining an even temper and being patient.

As for the productivity boost, it’s undeniable. I steamed through my mission list of scheduled tasks like a machine. Sometimes I’d get multiple days of work finished in a single sitting. It’s amazing how much you can do once all the regular distractions are filtered out and you have no excuse to procrastinate. Previously intimidating plans, made up of pages and pages of smaller tasks to complete, used to seem like the twelves tasks of Hercules until I popped a Modafinil and got stuck into them.

Cost-benefit Analysis

Sorry for this vague answer but “it depends.” Mostly it depends on exactly how you use Moda.

Habitual and heavy usage is not something I advocate, as you’ll have noticed above. I have personal experience of this, having verged on the abuse of Modafinil during the most intensive part of my career. Nootropics are, as the name kind of implies, “new.” This means we don’t have long-term trial studies on what habitual use over a decade and a half will do to someone’s brain. My advice is don’t be the guinea pig, that guy the doctors write their paper about. Clearly, Moda has powerful affects on your neural operation so treat it with respect and keep your usage light to moderate insofar as humanly possible.

Speaking of light to moderate usage, that’s not really something I advocate under ideal conditions either. See, if you have the time and inclination to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and keep yourself motivated, then you’ll be functioning pretty near your peak capacity – so why fix what ain’t broke? Making modafinil purchase you’ll just spend money building up a tolerance that’ll weaken the effects of Moda when you really need them. The famous Modafinil brand is Modalert by SunPharma which is available on the market for less than one dollar/pill.  See http://onedollarthings.com and another Modalert sources listed on the main page.

What I do advocate is taking Modafinil when your obligations become burdensome and you just have too much on your shoulders to get enough rest or spend time cooking good meals or attending to your own happiness. Then it’s about the best thing you could take, even in light of the possible side-effects, as well as the tunneling effect I spoke about and the blunting of abstract thinking.

The best thing you could do if you really need more energy and focus to meet your responsibilities and achieve your goals, is to balance your lifestyle so it’s healthy in all respects. That’s a challenge all on its own but it’s better to put in the work than rely on a crutch, like Modafinil or coffee or whatever. It’s not chemically addictive but it can become psychologically addictive if you always choose the Moda shortcut. To boil it down, a life coach might be a better investment than a lifetime supply of Moda.

Finally, for what I’d term more recreational or experimental usage, well you only live once… Modafinil at a moderate dosage like half a pill isn’t going to wig you even if you’re inexperienced in psychoactive substances. If you’re curious or want to decide if it’s right for your lifestyle, remember to lay in a stock of your favorite non-alcoholic drink (never mix drugs unless you’re highly experienced with them), queue up some upbeat music and draw up that list of things you want to nail down. Have fun but don’t screw up.

Entrepreneurs on Modafinil

Now that I’ve discussed Moda as comprehensively as I know how, I’ll address this specific theme. I’d say people in just about any competitive field might find Moda compelling but those of you involved in startups are definitely going to have a particular affinity for this substance.

OK, so will Modafinil make you successful as an entrepreneur? The honest answer is no. You’re the only one who can make yourself successful. Even with increased energy and drive, you’ll still need good judgment to guide your efforts with any realistic chance of success. If you’re going down a wrong path, chances are Moda will only keep you on it for longer. While taking care of a lot of work in a day is helpful, it’s takes more than that for your business to succeed.

If you’re confident in your business wisdom and, even more importantly, have some solid business experience under your belt, then Modafinil will probably be OK for you during your execution phase. Do bear in mind that it’s a poor fit for the planning phase in particular and, if you find yourself needing to pivot, it’s better to make those decisions with a clear mind. Having good plans, getting your life healthy and learning to delegate is always going to be a better option than relying on substances.

Hopefully I’ve provided all the information that my fellow founders need to make the right choice here.

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Modafinil review reddit

The desire to experiment with nootropics was always there since I heard about them but what stopped me were the different user accounts. I tried to relate to what people were saying about nootropics by contrasting their experiences with my own of knowledge of pharmacological effects. For example, I use piracetam but then again that’s only induced very subtle differences. However, now and then I realize I’m more eloquent and sharp from about half an hour after taking it. Occasionally the change is dramatic and noticeable, like if I’ve been in a relatively low-functioning state previous to ingestion.

So now I get some of what people reported about piracetam. Some might say the effects are all in the mind but as long as you’re feeling better, who cares? I’m maintained myself on piracetam for about 36 months piracetam and I’d rate it as the top nootropics of those I’ve tried. It induces subtle effects which are often only noticeable by their absence. If I’m not taking, like sometimes I skip it during the summer, then the difference is really obvious to me. I don’t transform into a drooling idiot or anything but it’s like I’m a little more dull and my mind lacks its usual verbal fluency and inventiveness. I also find that I experience a higher frequency of days where I’m just off my A game.
Of course it’s not a magic bullet, you have to work with it and fine-tune your dosage to get the best results. This is a learning curve admittedly but it’s worth the effort for the improvement once you get it dialed in. In my opinion it’s worth making the effort, but your mileage may vary. If you’d rather try something else, phenylpiracetam is a good invigorant plus it costs a lot less than modafinil. The difference compared to piracetam is that you don’t get that crystal clear state of mind. Then again, that’s how my system reacts to it. It might be just what the doctor ordered in your case so go right ahead and try it out!
ModafinilConcur on the great benefits of piracatem. For me the breakthrough peaks of high function are frequent so I intend to take it more regularly. I found a dose of 800mg too low so I upped it to 2.4g like you suggest when you say to find what works for you.

The first time I had some anxiety about taking that dose but I found that’s what it took for the best results to become predictable and replicable.

Even at lower doses I usually had at least noticeably positive effects even if they were pretty low-key.

I’m also looking at phenyl and sunifram but from what I’ve heard that’s really potent stuff and requires a little caution.
For me there’s modafinal and then there’s everything else. My situation is I’m sometimes forgetful when it comes to executing habitual behavioral sequences, for instance making sure I have my wallet when I go out or locking the house. Sometimes my girlfriend has to remind me about stuff, like if I said I’d bring something to her place, otherwise I forget. I wanted to improve on this aspect of my life so I began with Bacopa. Ever since I it became rare for me to mess up and it’s been months since I last slipped. I also have to mention that learning and taking tests feels easier now but granted, it was a few months of taking Bacopa before I got to this level.

Modafinil differs from Bacopa in some key ways. Instead of making you more alert and conscious of what you’re doing, it gives you more energy to do things. Still I think it’s best to take a comprehensive regimen so you get the complete package of improved memory, better speaking ability, an anxyliotic boost and the beneficial longevity effects for your neurons. You could say modafinal is like a strong caffeine dose, only without the nerviness, in that it’s a very noticeable energizing effect that’s impossible to miss.
You can pretty much count on at least a couple nootropics making a major positive difference in your life. It takes a little work to find what suits you.

My initial experience with modafinal was great but for me it had certain slightly anhedonic side-effects which eventually turned me off it. It even smothers my natural feelings of being sleepy around bedtime which meant I often didn’t get the rest I needed.

I don’t need my circadian rhythm to be all smoothed out to have a good day, I’ve learnt to operate effectively no matter what my internal rhythm. So when I was taking modafinal it caused almost a clash in how I was feeling and my regular habits. I grew to dislike this inner disharmony and so I stopped taking it.

Still I’d say modafinal has its place as an occasional helper for when you just need to power through something. It’s just not something I’d personally want to take on a regular basis. Taking it daily, at least for me, was a bit like Ritalin in that it could make me obsessive about getting everything just right and while this makes one really productive it tends to cut into much-needed relaxation time.

Modafinil reviewMy sleep cycle sometimes gets out of whack because I work shifts so for about half a year I’ve been compensating for that with armodafinil. It solves my problem without creating any new ones. In combination with Semax, it’s even better. If money was no object, I’d take a Tianeptine, Semax and Armodafinil cocktail daily. That combo would meet my needs completely.

As for modafinal, the advice I have for people is to understand how it works. It doesn’t cancel out your body’s rest requirement but it makes you better at ignoring your tiredness signals. It’s superb for pushing through a demanding shift in the wee hours but I don’t feel like it’d be wise to pile on with it. I don’t know how moda helps the body overcome tiredness but I’m curious to find out.

One nootropic that didn’t seem to make much difference for me was adrafinil, at least until someone pointed out that I’d been going strong at work for nearly eleven hours. This was a real surprise when I thought about it because I felt no kind of high, I was just in the zone of getting things done. It’s better than coffee because it doesn’t give me that shaky feeling.

It’s like it blocks tiredness from creeping in without making you over-excited and hyper. I tried taking it all the time but then I guess I built up a tolerance because the effects faded to the extent I could have it and sleep right after. You need to take it as needed and not use it as a crutch or it’ll lose its effectiveness. It’s nothing you’d want to take every day in any case as it doesn’t have any kind of affects you could call recreational. Like I could take it by accident and not even know. One interesting point about it is that it breaks down to modafinil in your body.

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Modafinil side effects

Doctor shows information on blackboard: side effects

Modafinil has emerged as the reigning champion of the smart drugs, a seductive group of cognitive enhancers that promise enhanced memory, motivation and an unrelenting focus.
In the absence of long-term data, the media response to smart drugs has tended towards relaxed, especially in regard to the potential side effects. The Oxford Tab, for example, dismissed any issues with an article titled “Who Cares?”.
This muted response may be linked to the reason many people take these drugs; often, the benefits gained outweigh the risk of negative side effects. Novelist MJ Hyland suffers from multiple sclerosis, and sees these drugs as highly beneficial, having recently wrote an article in The Guardian, praising these brain-enhancing drugs.
However, it is still in question whether young healthy students, stressed but otherwise healthy, and tempted by this quick fix, should be concerned about the potential long term effects of Modafinil on the brain.
Professor Barbara Sahakian has been researching Modafinil at the University of Cambridge as a possible clinical treatment for the cognitive problems associated with psychosis. Her fascination with the consequences when healthy people take Modafinil has led to her recently co-authoring a book on the subject.

“Some people just want an advantage when competing, like with university exams. Then there is another group of people who want to function to their maximum potential all of the time. However, people have also told me that they’ve used these drugs to assist with uninteresting tasks they may have been reluctant to complete.”

“I believe Modafinil is a drug with multiple actions,” Sahakian says. “This is because it acts on multiple different neurotransmitter systems within the brain. I suspect that because it has these multiple actions, a number of different functions improve, but not all for the same reasons.”
Neurotransmitters are chemicals which transmit signals between cells in the brain; Dr Peter Morgan from Yale University says that Modafinil affects three of these in particular. “Modafinil definitely affects the dopamine system and dopamine makes you more alert and interested,” he says. “It affects norepinephrine which can again make you more alert and better able to focus, while also stimulating histamine which keeps you awake.”
However, the improvement of working memory is the particular effect that especially interests many. Modafinil is believed to enhance short-term memory by up to ten percent through influencing the neurotransmitter glutamate. This desire to increase short-term memory function exists mostly in students, who often engage in large amounts of intense, rushed revision and last-minute cramming.
Sahakian urges caution: “A lot of people, students and young people in particular, are getting drugs from the internet and the drugs they are buying could really be anything. If the drugs aren’t from a reputable source, they could be contaminated and are never certainly safe to take.”

Effects of the drug can vary greatly and are highly dependent on the dose administered. Dr Nora Volkow and colleagues recently conducted a study, based on PET scans, which suggested that doses of 400mg had effects in areas of the brain known to be involved in substance abuse and dependence.

As well as this increased risk of abuse or dependence, Sahakian’s research also suggests that prolific use of Modafinil for a prolonged period could damage sleep architecture.
“Some professionals tend to use it on specific occasions – when they’re jetlagged or when they’ve had a particularly poor quality sleep,” she says. “They don’t use it every day or in multiple doses. Whereas, if you question students, they often take one dose and then, when they feel the effects waning, take another. Of course, this affects their sleep pattern, because when they should be sleeping, excess drug remains in their system, exerting its wake-promoting effects. This is counter-productive to learning, as we consolidate our memories during sleep.”
I spoke to students who used Modafinil during exam periods and they revealed that after several weeks, they had the sensation of permanently being trapped in a twilight zone, neither asleep nor awake.
Morgan researches treatments for cocaine addicts with severe sleep disorders and has a possible explanation for this feeling. “If somebody takes Modafinil long-term, they may develop some of the same deficits in slow-wave sleep as cocaine users,” he says. “Slow-wave sleep is the deep sleep that we tend to get early in the night. Taking a stimulant that forces the body to be awake, more than it would otherwise, disrupts the ability of the body to regulate the amount and quality of sleep it should have so the user never feels completely refreshed.”
He believes that long-term use could damage the memory. This is a general side effect “Look at nicotine,” he says. “Nicotine is an amazing cognitive enhancer from a lab perspective. But chronic users of nicotine present a decline in baseline cognitive function, which taking nicotine then may be returning to normal. So, in chronic users, nicotine is no longer a cognitive enhancer but a cognitive normaliser. Chronic use of any drug causes the brain to adapt, so that without it, you are performing at a lower level and there is no reason to assume that Modafinil would cause any different effects.”
But, regardless of the risks presented, it is likely that the demand for smart drugs will continue to grow. “Psychiatrists at an American Psychiatric Association Meeting in the US approached me to comment that they are frequently put under pressure to give a diagnosis of ADHD to a child even though the psychiatrist feels the symptoms are not sufficiently severe to do so,” Professor Sahakian tells me.
“The psychiatrists believe the parents do this to gain potential cognitive enhancing effects that Ritalin provides for their child. In my lectures, I try to point out that our brains are still in development up until late adolescence and through to young adulthood, o for healthy normal children, the effects of manipulating neurotransmitters while the brain is still developing us unknown.”
“We simply don’t know how chronic drug treatment will affect ‘healthy’ brain function in future years.”

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Modalert by SunPharma

I suffer with shift work sleep disorder, so have taken Armodafinil as recommended, nightly for six months. To reduce the buildup of tolerance, I have a few days off occassionally where I take none. This armodafinil cycle has worked well for me, with no noticed side effects. Recently, I’ve discoverd that armodafinil works very well with Semax and if in limitless supply, Armodafinil, Semax and Tianeptine would be my long-term daily choice of drugs.

When considering Modafinil, it must be stressed that it doesn’t instantly refreshen or awake you, but instead causes you to forget your tiredness. I feel as though I’ve slept beautifully when I take it and can focus on work as if I’d had sufficient sleep. However, in spare moments, the mind can wander and I am reminded of how tired I am. This is quickly remedied when I occupy myself once more, an interesting effect.


Modalert by SunPharmaFor two years now Ive been taking a 200mg daily prescription but I frequently don’t take any on the weekends. Usually, I take it at the same time every weekday, but on a Saturday I often take it much later, so I can stay awake until my band finishes playing (usually 11pm-1am); I usually skip Sundays as well.

I haven’t noticed any negative effects from this drug, or any interference with my recreational activities. The little effect it did have on my ADD seemed to diminish about 1-2 days after I started taking it, for which I would usually take Strattera anyway.

I had been on Fluoxetine and Modafinil for a while, but stopped taking Fluoxetine two months ago, and haven’t had any increase in depression or anxiety. In fact, it has alleviated some of my depression and restored my “panic response” which is important for good job performance.

I drink a lot of caffeine every day in the form of coffee and energy drink. Sometimes, I find myself more susceptible to overdoing it on caffeine, and three or four energy drinks can have a powerful effect.

Based on my experience, having been medicated with a range of drugs over the last twenty years, I would describe Modafinil as stable and safe, putting it with the best prescriptions Ive tried. It works well overall, helping my dexterity for guitar and saxophone playing and there are no noticeable negative side effects.

Sometimes, I prefer Adderall, but the fact that I can get refills on Modafinil at the pharmacy without having to wait for a prescription to be faxed from the doctor makes it much more appealing.

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Modafinil user experience


1) A friend of mine:

I have taken Modafinil for 2 months but only in situations when there is a need for that. It results in 2-3 times a week at the average.

Modafinil user experienceI really like the drug as it really allows you to concentrate on your deals. By the way I have noticed that the drug is not very effective for improvement of solely physical or mental work. Rather, the biggest effect is shown at the improvement of both physical and mental performance simultaneously!

Basically I take the drug only in those cases when I don’t sleep for the whole day, on the weekend for example, especially on Sunday night (I take minimum amount of alcohol to prevent a hangover in the morning). Then I go for a work on Monday (this is a huge lifesaver) and on the next night I have enough sleep.

Interestingly, but the drug is also able to increase a learnability of a trainability. When I had visited the centre for driving license I used to take Modafinil 200 mg in the morning, followed by 100 mg 2 hours before studies. Sitting behind the wheel, you clearly understand what the instructor is saying. After taking Modafinil my speed of the reaction is similar to that of the fighter pilot.

When I had taken Modafinil (200 mg) for the first time, I was waiting when it would begin working (I didn’t sleep for a whole day before taking).

In 2 hours after its intake the drug removed the drowsiness and increased the efficiency of the speech function. There was a great will to speak, to reason. Besides I didn’t feel euphoria, hit in the head as with alcohol.

Nevertheless there are still side-effects: in the doses of 300-400 mg you will have dry mouth, and rarely headache. Yet there was almost no hunger. You eat just because you have to, and not when the body requires. In the period of 2 months I have lost 4 kg, and now my weight is 72 kg.

Resume: I’m very satisfied and I can advise the drug to all who needs it. But first of all you have to try what is a chronic lack of sleep and drowsiness.

Modafinil user review2) Artvigil (Armodafinil by Hab Pharma)

I like how it is the real deal BUT I don’t like how the pills aren’t coated. This makes it stick to my tongue when trying to swallow it and when it does that I sometimes can’t  swallow it and then it semi-melts on my tongue and this stuff tastes just horrible like Penicillin!! BUT: it works like nothing I have ever tried and I finally have something to handle my chronic fatigue which I have suffered from for 27 years!!! When I first started taking it it was like an absolute MIRACLE pill but since I have moved and hadn’t been taking it every single day like I was before I am not finding it working as well, BUT I do hope it is simply because I wasn’t taking it every day at the new address and not that I have grown too used to it where it is no longer helping because I sincerely need a generic Ritalin like this for my condition especially since I can’t seem to get any doctor here to listen to me to get a prescription although I will keep trying to find a doctor because I DO have full coverage health insurance and really can’t afford to plop down $44 a month on meds – I realize this is cheap but like I said I can’t really afford it considering I do have a 100% paid for drug plan here in the States.

3) I\’m so happy with the results! Such a great website. Well done to you all. It totally worked and better than any of site. Modafinil is used as a memory enhancer and to stay awake and that totally did it for me omg love love loved it. I would buy it again once I finish the ones I\’m using and totally think you should too because its fabulous, well done to one dollar thing fo r providing such great customer services ahahhaha Cognitive advancements on point guys! Better than any of site etc I really hoped it worked and now so happy my dreams have came true. I can now so anything including revising and taking care of 8 children and a better housewife to my empty house lol. I do use 600mg a day though so that\’s probably why it works so well but oh well, I bought 300 and I used them all within a few working days loooool lool lool lolol . this is getting so damn long I should probably get ready for school right? But yea well done to you all for providing drugs that work and so legitimate. Totally a huge fan of your work man

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